Co owner of Just Vibes Radio along side Just James.                                                    DJ / Producer / Remixer born in South West London in 1977. I’ve been on the circuit for over 20 years – djing with some of the top names in the industry – Todd Edwads, Victor Simonelli. Jungle music was my choice of music at the start of my career. I had a thing for them big dutty bass lines and you will see this influence in alot of my productions. 1992 was when I found the sound of Chicago house. This was the start of my house and garage journey playing in and around London on various stations and clubs. I then moved to the South Coast. I was lucky enough to go and play at Mansion House, one of South Coast very best raves, along side Eugene Glasgow, Tom Chubb, Richard De Gottel. I also went on to play for Sitting Pretty in Worthing. 


I now specialise in deep underground house and garage and garagehouse and it has been for over 20 years. It all started with a pair of Sound Lab belt drives and a 2 channel mixer when I was 16. I’ve played on numerous radio stations both FM and internet – Shocking FM, Horror FM, D3ep Radio, Underground Sessions, Just Vibes Radio. In 2012, I started producing house and now I have over 50 releases. It all started with the help from Haim Rosenhaft, Tele Aviv, and got my first release on Underground Source Records. I’ve been very lucky to work along side some of the best producers around – Arie Mando, Dee Cypher, Southside Son, True2Life, Adam Hyjek, James Johnson. I also had the privilege to have worked with one of the UK’s best vocalist Jadey Leigh.


My music can be purchased from these Record Labels: All Over It Records, Maestro Tapes Records,         Underground Source Records, Frechefruchte Records, Raw Underground Records, Criminal Hype Records, Mas Profundo Muzica Records, Sugar Shack Records, PBL Records, Nerd Records, Late Night Jackin, Music Department Label, 247 House, Pogo House, Crazy Monk Records, Groove Is Our Business, Smashing Trax Records, Chicolindo Records, Pure Beats Records, Candid Beings, The Groove Stage, Mole Music, Liszomania Records, Soul Revolution Records, Rhythm People Digital, Rump Records, Ami Music


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